The importance of automation to avoid doing the boring stuff

The importance of automation to avoid doing the boring stuff

Repetition eventually leads to errors, especially if it involves mind-numbing tasks. People have a great displeasure of having to perform these types of tasks, that’s where automation comes into play. Imagine having to execute several test cases that involve verifying that all mandatory fields are in fact, mandatory, or that all drop-downs contain all expected options. These type of scenarios are not uncommon in a typical application that deals with a lot of forms. Financial or Insurance related applications come to mind.

Nowadays we have access to a wide range of automation tools that allow us to compare current and expected behavior. Tools like Selenium, enable us to quickly build a set of automated test cases that we can run whenever we need, again and again. Although Selenium itself is not a programming language but a framework, we can implement a quick set of automated test cases using virtually any major language that’s out there in the market.

But.. automation? I can’t code!

Python can ease the anxiety of not having strong coding skills. Being a highly readable language, meaning no need to learn complex syntaxes, Python can be the best choice for people with no programming background at all. Not only is easier to read but also requires less code to get things done.

Automation doesn’t have to be a complicated effort, at least not with the right tools. Implementing Automation can be highly beneficial, not only saves the sanity of engineers but also saves money. Having engineers spend their time on more meaningful tasks can bring big rewards in the long run.