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Lack of Software Testing causes...

Why Software Testing matters?

Every time I hear someone saying that Software Testing is not important or necessary, a part of me dies. Through recent history, we got plenty of examples of what can happen if companies skip testers town. However, some companies don’t learn from other companies mistakes. No doubt, someone, somewhere in the world might say…

What could possibly go wrong?

Amazon Christmas Glitch

Back in 2014, what for customers was paradise, for Amazon’s third party sellers was absolute hell. A bug introduced by a piece of software called RepricerExpress  caused a bunch of products to have a price tag of a penny. For an entire hour, people could purchase clothes, electronics, games for prices not seen before. As a consequence, some retailers lost thousand of dollars, other simply went out of business.

Source: The Guardian

Hive’s Heating App turns homes into an oven

Hive owned by British Gas, somewhere in 2016, received a bunch of complaints as a result of soaring temperatures caused by a faulty “smart” heating application that can control temperature at homes. The iPhone app caused temperatures to reach more than 30C, causing concerns in customers for increasing energy costs and possibly cause a fire.

Source: DailyMail

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
George Santayana

Why is Software Testing so important?

No doubt, we all make mistakes, we are not perfect. As demonstrated in previous examples, bugs can cause monetary loss, at best. Software Testing is not a mere whim of some sketchy engineer, but a practice that can mark the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application. In fact, an article published by TechCrunch in 2013 mentions that users have a low tolerance for buggy apps. Numbers show only 16% will try a failing app more than twice, the rest won’t even look back!

At any rate, we can agree, if you want to stay in business keep testers close by.

Old Testing Tutorials

Revising Old Tutorials with The Joy of Testing

Back in 2015 I decided to start doing tutorials for Automation Testing, more precisely with Selenium/Java combination. Although I managed to gather little audience, I did learn a lot. Teaching or transmitting information can be quite an enriching experience. Besides having a good laugh, looking back at my videos makes ponder how much I had improved in those two years.

Testing Tutorials with Rough edges

Although it isn’t one of prettiest works, here’s one my videos, judge for yourself. If you’re wondering how did I come up with the name, it is a reference to Bob Ross’ show “The Joy of Painting”, which I enjoyed watching as a kid.

Sharing knowledge

A lot of people out there may agree that sharing knowledge is a great practice that benefit us all. At a company level, not only help us fill knowledge gaps but also to increase efficiency and promote innovation. At a personal level it helps you grow, stay motivated and get a sense of purpose.

We are fortunate enough to live in a time where sharing knowledge is incredible easy. Thanks to today’s technology we can transmit information to virtually any place in Earth. You can read a book without having a physical copy in your hands or be able to read an article that was written by a guy from the other side of world.

So, my dear reader, I encourage you to share what you know, write a book, a blog, make a video!  Be your sharing knowledge platform Youtube, WordPress, don’t keep what you know to yourself!